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07-31-2009, 12:32 AM
Many questions:
  1. How will cover work? Will it completely stop all attacks or just mitigate damage?
  2. What are my movement options? Could I crawl along behind a log to stay under cover?
  3. If the captain avatar "dies" is the mission automatically aborted or do we have the option of shifting control to the ranking survivor?
  4. Can I give a separate command to each officer?
  5. Will there be planet-side looting? "Spoodanky grab his tricorder - I got his phaser!"
  6. Will you consider expanding beyond the Aggressive, Defensive, Target modes for bridge officer in the future? Adding commands like 'go to way point', 'hold position', 'give cover fire (i.e. fire at whoever targets me)'.. etc.
  7. How will beaming up/down be handled? Can we drop in anywhere on the map? If we don't like a situation can we just beam out or are we locked in for the duration of the fight?
  8. Can I expect to see all of the old TOS fight standards? - shoulder rolls, two-handed strikes, campy fight music, judo chops, some dude getting his tunic ripped up... etc (Say yes. Say yes!)

OK... I'll stop at 8 questions (for now). Eight should be enough.
BTW - loved the new screenshots.