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11-19-2012, 09:16 AM
Are you in a big fleet? Do you have lots of Fleet Marks you can't unload because your fleet's projects are always full? Need to earn some Fleet Credits?

I'd like to form a relationship with a large fleet with my small fleet. We can't get enough Fleet Marks to advance our projects and I know many of you have people who can't ever contribute to projects to earn Fleet Credits. So I propose a trade.

We'll invite people from your fleet to ours temporarily. They can contribute marks to earn credits quickly. We'll even open our store to them if they wish to purchase some weapons or ships. We are Tier 3 at the moment and the daunting scale of 900 marks per mission to get to T4 is killing our small fleet.

Contact @Maarkean in game or here if you'd like to discuss an arrangement. Or if you're an individual looking to earn some quick Fleet Credits and buy some fleet gear.
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