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07-30-2009, 11:42 PM
1. Like nearly every other poster, I want more infor on cover. Can you please be more specific?

You control your officers’ actions, and have several different modes to employ. Some of those modes include: Aggressive, meaning they’ll pursue and engage enemies; Defensive, meaning they’ll wait for your orders to attack enemies; and Target Your Target, meaning you can command your officers to focus fire on your chosen adversary.
If I have multiple NPC officers with me can I set each one to a different mode? Or if I set it for aggressive, that means all my officers are going to act aggressive?

3. You say character can equip two different weapons and swith them in combat, does that mean I can have a ranged and a melee weapon, or do kits sort of limit my style to one or the other?

4 .
Players beam down to a planet with a five-member Away Team. If you have less than four other player captains with you, the remaining members of the away team are made up of your Bridge Officers. But if you only have two other captains on your team, two Bridge Officers from the pool of the three player captains’ Officers can be selected and beamed down with the team.
The way the above paragraph read I was a little confused, so if we have an away team of two PC and we need 3 NPC's we can pick them from either Captain's pool of officers?