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Originally Posted by phantasrs View Post
The problem isn't all in our heads. It's in society. It's in you guys saying the problem isn't real.
These aren't internal sexism issues, they're issues women have to deal with ever day of our lives. Until you've walked a day in a woman's shoes, surrounded with images of what women should be according to men, feeling the gazes of men on your body, fearing for your safety when walking alone in the afternoon because it's a real possibility that some man might come and force you to have sex with them (they censored the actual word for this action for some reason) because what are women but sex objects anyways, don't say it's all in our heads.
This is our society. This is the problem.

Back to the subject at hand.
In Star Trek, our society has advanced past seeing women predominantly as sex objects. This problem is no more.
But PWE obviously didn't get the memo with this image of this Vulcan woman with the vacant expression. But we all know how they're all about profit and that sex sells. And look at the way women are portrayed in all their other games. They're just another part of the problem.

All I want is for them to use the same kind of imagery in their marketing for both males and females. Handsome Phaser Dude looked good. A woman in the same style uniform as him would be great. I'm just asking for equality.
To your first paragraph, I once walked into a Mary Kay convention by accident. So yes, I know what it feels like to be a side of meat. The horror...the horror!

Terrible, isn't it? And I don't care. Not one bit. I'm not in this game to solve the world's social ills. I'm in it to get away from the world for a bit and enjoy the Star Trek universe.

And this is a fictional virtual universe. Not a perfect one where everyone is equal and everyone gets along together singing Kumbaya. This is a universe with quite a bit of implied sex. This is a world with scantily clad Orion slave girls, miniskirted Federation uniforms, sexual pheromone excreting Deltans, nekkid Ferengi females and nekkid Betazoid's running around. Not to mention DS9's Dabo girls (I forgot about them in my last post), and 7 of 9 with her high heeled, exceptionally skin tight catsuit...and in the last movie, didn't Kirk do the voyeuristic Peeping Tom bit with Uhura as she got dressed?

In short since its inception until present, Star Trek has traditionally granted all viewers a healthy dosage of female eye candy and Pretty Phaser Lady is in keeping with this high tradition. In fact, it's actually quite mild, tbqh.

What's next, all hand weapons set to 'tickle', no more ships blowing up in combat and only decaf raktajino to drink???

Enough! We will draw the line here! Bring on the Pretty Phaser Lady wallpaper!

Just sayin'!