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Firstly, welcome to STO, I hope you're having fun!

To answer your questions (I have several lvl 50 characters across both factions and in all careers);

- Yes, STFs are the equivalent of dungeons in other MMOs. Tanking is good for some of them (Donatra is one example), but be aware to get Optional objectives it is mostly a pure DPS race.

- Save your dilithium! I advise this even if you are part of a fleet. In most larger fleets, there will be end level players who *usually* can afford to donate some dilithium to projects. However, if you have a surplus of it, or are feeling somewhat selfless, then by all means donate it. At endgame, dilithium is required for quite a lot of things (mainly getting good consoles if you don't have the Energy Credits) and also buying things from provisioned Fleet Stores (assuming you join a fleet).

- You aren't gimping yourself by not crafting. Most of the high-end consoles, as cmdrscarlet pointed out, are available on the Exchange, or from the dilithium store. The dilithium price is fixed, but the Exchnage price fluctuates, as you'd expect. If you're part of a fleet, then usually there's at least one or two who have maxed their crafting ability, so can craft items for you. I craft for my fleeties, and 'charge' them the cost of the Unreplicatable Materials (which require dilithium/lots of EC).

- BOffs stay with you. If you have several that are still packaged up, you can mail them to yourself (go to a mail station and drag & drop them into the item slots), which can prevent clutter. You get more slots for BOffs as you level up, but you will usually find that you have more BOffs than BOff slots, unless you buy more slots from the C-Store. To my mind, there is no need to 'dismiss' your BOffs that you currently have (i.e. getting rid of a white quality BOff to replace with a blue quality one). With your BOff stations, you decide on the BOffs that go there, and the rest merely hang around your ship, doing nothing, unless they're part of your away team. You can dismiss BOffs to regain a BOff slot, but obviously you lose that BOff, along with all of their expertise, skills, and any gear they currently have on them.

- DOffs are something else entirely. Playing the DOff game is a great way to level up, should you get bored by a section of the story and wish to bypass it, or you are levelling up alts. Plus, from several missions you can get little things like data samples, contraband (5x contraband will net you 2000 dilithium from a security officer on DS9), and dilithium. If you get a 'Critical Success' from a mission, you get more dilithium (usually 125dil up from 5dil) and better rewards. Missions in the 'Personal' tab can also affect your capabilities if they get a critical success (example; you get a boost to your shields, or driver coil, or attack patterns), and the skill that is boosted is displayed in green in the mission's blurb.

- DOffs are also useful when put on Active Space/Ground duty. Read, very carefully, the DOff's ability. For example, I currently slot 2x purple quality Shield Distribution Officers, which can proc when I use Brace For Impact and regen part of my shields. As you go on, you will pick up DOff ideas, and know what works well for you. It is a bit of fun in its own right, so have fun with it!

- You cannot respec your Reputation rewards, so choose wisely. Many will argue that it's a good thing, many will argue to the contrary, but it is what it is.

- Temporal boxes are an interesting thing. You mileage may vary with them. Personally, I buy 10 keys every now and then, and open 10 boxes. The stuff inside can be useful, and you may even get the newest shiny ship (the Wells/Korath class in this case). The Lobi crystals you collect can also be used to buy stuff from a Lobi store, which has some pretty nice 'fluffy' stuff (the array of Sehlats/Targs that some people have trailing them as they run around, and bits of uniforms). Some people say they are the Devil's own spawn though. My advice, as cmdrscarlet said, is buy a 10-pack and open 10 boxes. If you like what you get, then all good. If you don't like it, then resolve never to open another box again and sell the boxes on the Exchange!

Have fun!

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-Sela now has a cape.
-She'll be starring in a 3-part miniseries on the Elements Network (Entertainment for Romulan Women) called "How Sela Got Her Cape Back". It's a feel-good story about women's empowerment and the importance of a good wardrobe for military leaders.

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