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11-19-2012, 08:48 AM
Well on a good day my 3 KDF toons pull in 150 - but I use most of it between my 5 toons

The rest of the stuff from Marauding missions I recycles for EC - like engines but lately I have been getting lots of MI green torps and beam weapons which I sell - avg of 500k ec per day

lots of prisoners - I turn in about 5 of the 4 prisoner assignments per toon per day for 500 dilthium each or 2500 dilthium

the 30 min empire mission Pi Canis Sorties for another 4500 dilth+ (if I feel like doing them)

Biggest problem with the KDF is that they don't give you enough stuff to spend all your dilthium on - and converting it Zen - why? - no ships - costumes - etc etc