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11-19-2012, 08:52 AM
I've got 7 toons, 4 of which are level 50. I designed each of them to fly particular ships. One has a Jem'Hadar attack ship, the other a Tholian Orb Weaver. In my humble opinion the Jemmie is a far superior ship, making the toon who captains it more formidable.

It took 7 weeks for the Jemmie captain to get mk XII M.A.C.O gear. It took 2 days for the Orb Weaver to get his set. How is it right for a better combatant to take longer to get the best stuff? Under the old system, my toons aside, we all know that it was possible for superior players to take longer to get the best end game gear than average or low skilled players.

How can people say that that is an equitable system? How can people not see that earning the gear is fairer than a random drop, a random drop that may never come for some?

This new system rewards the best end game gear to those who earn it, not luck upon it. People are more dedicated and more skilled will be able to access their gear first. Why is that unfair? Shouldn't the most dedicated and skilled be rewarded first?

Yes, I understand that losing a system that had the potential to give you awesome drops fast in favour of a system that has the potential to give you items at a slower rate may seem tough. For the players who never got their sets, this has the potential to be fairer. Still, I think that we need to look beyond our own viewpoints and consider the long term benefits to the game.

Oh, and for the record I do NOT consider myself a superior player. I consider myself to be an average player and I feel that players with more skill who dedicate more time to the game deserve to get the best gear before me.

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