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Just to see whether I understood you correctly, what I'm taking away here:

Something to consider here: a lot of people with PVP builds have points in threat control themselves for the defense bonus, despite being DPS set ups. It does kind of hurt things on people actually trying to tank, you'll never match their threat in those situations. Thankfully, most those people are prepared to deal with that.

Even without that, the concept of threat is a fairly recent addition to the game, and it's not where it should be.
I should probably not bother with tanking at this point, and thus dealing damage is the more helpful thing in missions, as I cannot reliably expect to be holding aggro anyway (and thus survivability is not really worth investing in, as it's wasted while you're not taking amounts of damage you couldn't cope with). Whereas in such a situation, the damage boost would still be beneficial - by doing damage.

One mid-term solution, starting at tier 1, fleet embassy rewards include threat scaling consoles. They increase threat generation by a pretty hefty chunk and offer some additional stat bonuses you can pick from when buying them. Starting projects on embassies are pretty cheap, and many fleets should start hitting tier 1 this week and next.

Those consoles would be a better investment than taking DPS reputation talents, since the people pulling threat off you are probably going to be taking the DPS talents as well, offsetting your investment.
Those consoles would basically mean a console slot tax on attempts of tanking (I could not find them on stowiki, and I doubt they are as good as standard consoles from their other bonuses?), making it an even more undesirable route.

Furthermore, if you want to tank, taking the damage perks for threat is a must - as you'd just be one leg behind in threat generation if you didn't, and could not hope to out-threat a DD even with a console if they took the damage route and happen to have some threat control for PvP reasons.

Is this about the gist?

I'm also still curious whether anyone still actually knows what the hull repair nanites actually do. I simply cannot fathom they'd offer something as terrible as the description suggests, my guess is it is actually equalized over the duration and does not proc every 60s for 10% of your hull...