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I should probably not bother with tanking at this point, and thus dealing damage is the more helpful thing in missions, as I cannot reliably expect to be holding aggro anyway (and thus survivability is not really worth investing in, as it's wasted while you're not taking amounts of damage you couldn't cope with). Whereas in such a situation, the damage boost would still be beneficial - by doing damage.
That's only dealing with people in PVP builds, and you can check out the PVP queues to see how many people actually do that, and watch as entire groups simply melt to see how many actually have PVP builds. Now, you might be better off with a damage build than a tanking build, but it's not for this reason but the fact that the game doesn't really value tanking except in a handful of specific circumstances, the most notable of which being Hive Onslaught phase 3... and even that mission includes one of the strictest DPS checks in the game in phase 1.

Those consoles would basically mean a console slot tax on attempts of tanking (I could not find them on stowiki, and I doubt they are as good as standard consoles from their other bonuses?), making it an even more undesirable route.
They're ultra-rare, so they have the highest stat budget of any consoles currently in the game. When available on tribble, the mk X ones had a stat bonus that was comparable to mk X purples (sometimes higher, sometimes a couple points lower), as well as a special proc (generally a small hull heal that triggers when taking damage), and a huge threat increase or decrease that can be switched on or off. There were quite a few variations with different stats, but it doesn't hit everything you could usually get in science consoles, and I don't think it had a field generator equivalent, so there is some slot tax to it, but by stat budget these consoles are head and shoulders above anything else to dampen it.

Yuzral's got a video on them here:
Starts talking about the consoles about 10 minutes in.