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I would agree with hilbert, get the patrol escort. An escort makes pve simpler and its nice in pvp too.

Weapons: 4 DHC front 3 Turrets back
Now hilbert recommended quest weapons. They work I suppose. If you don't like them go to the exchange. While purple MK XI with good mods might be expensive you can still look around a bit and maybe start with blue weapons that have acc and crit or [acc]x2.
Also check the price of different energy types. Don't use plasma for pvp, everything else works. You might want to check weapon and console prices and simply go for the cheapest option.


TT1 Delta1 Omega1 CRF3
TT1 CSV1 Omega1



RCS, Neutronium, Neutronium
Shield cap, Borg
4x Energy

I think you can get the armor consoles from the last undine quest. The first reward is a kit and if you repeat the mission you get a console. The RCS is cheap, the shield cap might cost a little bit. The energy consoles depend on the type. I think you can get tetryon and polaron. Just look where you get the best weapon/console combination for the lowest price. And remember, no plasma.
Oh and you need T1 borg these days for the console, almost forgot that. Till you get it you can just use another shield cap, maybe shield emitter or some universal console if you have one (with each lockbox there are some on the exchange, sometimes even cheap and useful).

Shield: Use the quest hilbert mentioned or go to the exchange. You might be able to get a resilient shield MK XI or XII with [cap]x2 or even [cap]x3 pretty cheap. Before S7 there were lots of STF drops and since everybody uses sets shields were pretty cheap. Havent checked the price since. With borg t3 you can get a maco.

Engine/Deflector: Well with T1 borg you can get the assimilated ones. If you have enough money you could get the aegis. Aegis deflector and engines are ok, the 2 piece bonus is nice but the shield sucks. It's easy to obtain since you get it from the exchange but not really cheap. And it might not be the best choice long term.
Don't know if there are some good quest choices. You can simply stick to a positron deflector and hyper impulse with turn if possible until you get something better.

You can also check hilberts guide. I think he recommends something similar but he also offers keybinds and other useful stuff.