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07-31-2009, 04:07 AM
Originally Posted by Zeroth View Post
Will different planets offer different tactical possibilities beyond terrain and obstacles?
I would love to see a planet with low gravity! That would make "ground combat" really interesting. Jumping up and over obstacles to shoot at enemies, shooting while up in the air and on the way down.

Will there be planets with varying degrees of gravity? Low gravity? Heavy gravity?

Will there be environmental hazards on planets to avoid during ground combat, such as quicksand, geysers of gas or fire, hostile flora and fauna, etc.?

Will both factions have the personal shields? (I'm assuming they will, but the "factions will have distinct gameplay" comment gives me a 1% uncertainty.)

If one of our NPC Bridge Officers is "defeated" or incapacitated, are we able to beam them back to the ship, and beam down a replacement Bridge Officer, or are we just one man short for the remainder of that Away Team?