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Originally Posted by collegepark2151 View Post
My personal golden rule of Star Trek:

Nobody ever really dies.

Edit: Except for anonymous redshirts, of course.
Yeah, they love to kill off characters but they're loathe to let them go. Every show had examples, but Tasha Yar's probably the best, having died, been brought back in an alternate universe just to be time traveled back out of existence, but to return as her own half Romulan identical twin baby. And she was the one character they specifically closed death's door behind, who was supposed to be gone for real. Jean Gray would be proud.

Three interpretations of this come to mind:

A. A time travel episode involving the Enterprise-C after it goes into the past. The alternate universe Tasha Yar is returned to STO's present and Sela's mother is a clone created by the Romulans after the fact.
B. The "clone" refers to the alternate-universe Yar, and the prime-universe Yar's death in Skin of Evil wasn't what it appeared, and she is still alive in some form, presumably noncorporeal to bypass the aging problem, and might still be retrieved.

Third one isn't really an interpretation, but bears saying:
C. The statement isn't completely accurate. From what we've heard, the devs were going to the convention specifically to nag her into this job, so chances are she has limited details on what she'll be doing in STO, and was trying to fill in blanks.

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