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Originally Posted by khamseenair View Post
I use subtranswarp engines and with DI I only get a 4.2 increase to warp speed. Either way, as I've stated, doing the tour the universe event where you have to travel all around space, it only ever saves me a minute to two minutes out of the 13-15 mins it takes to do a full tour with the subtrans engines and slipstream abilities.
That's because the Driver Coil skill (like all skills) has diminishing returns, and you already have it increased. I have it at 0 while using the Aegis set, so the +25 from DI effectively increases my speed by 100% while in Transwarp.

Regardless, it's highly counter-intuitive to become a Diplomat and not have the Diplomatic Immunity buff. I originally thought it was a bug, and worried that I couldn't get into OL.

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