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11-19-2012, 11:50 AM
As a Foundry player, I want to play one or two full missions a day (5 objectives or so, each) for a total of about 30-60 minutes of gameplay and I want comparable (not necessarily equal) rewards to what I'd get playing a standard Cryptic mission of the same sort.

I did clickies because I DOFF with alts and it was, frankly, rewarded behavior that gave me a chunk of Dilithium for doing it. Now that the clickies are gone, I won't miss them that much. I always felt a little dirty doing them. But requiring me to play three missions a day at 30-60 minutes a pop is just too much. Not going to happen, which means my Dilithium grinding -- and by extension my contributions to fleet holdings -- is going to suffer.

I want Cryptic to fix how they reward ALL Foundry missions. Yes, by all means exclude the quickies and the clickies. But anything that takes at least 15 minutes to run should get some reward, including the Dil and Skill points players need to progress in the game.
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