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Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
I made some similar suggestions in a long thread about normalising rewards for all the content and allowing players to choose between Dilithium / Fleet Marks / Reputation Marks for all STFs, Fleet actions, and pretty much anything else from the PvE queue.

While both our ideas are solid and strongly worth attention from the Devs it will never happen. This forum has turned into a complete mess where good posts are ignored and whine posts flourish. As such no one with any influence in the game bothers looking at it.

All these ways to improve the game for everyone and they are doomed to be ignored because there is no way of ensuring the people who matter see them. I'd sooner write a proper letter and mail it to Cryptic headquarters but I don't have the address. At least then there is a better chance they would see it.
I figured that I couldn't have been the first to make this kind of suggestion. I don't really ever post in MMO forums because of the exact reasons you described. Many posts seem to go down it flames, beaten to death by trolls, or simply lost in all of the noise. I do simpathize with many of the frustration posts that have come out since the launch of S7. While I'm sure it could be said that I just need to adjust my playstyle to the new system, I don't think that's what the intent was. I'm not sure why the developers would want us to abandon certain aspects/missions. It seems that by shifting dilithium back and forth between FAs and STFs, they want us to play both. I hope that I'm on the same page as them in that I should be spending time playing content that is fun, not chasing resources.

So you would want these to be like B'Tran was, albeit with lesser dilth reward? Thats a good idea...but i really dont think the devs would do it because the reason they removed B'Tran was due to the so called "exploit" that awarded 2880 dilth for running through a 30 mins cycle the same time however, I like this idea because it WOULD get players there alot more (I camp at Rolor for mark 7 data samples for crafting lol)
Basically yes, my thought on the explore clusters was that they should each have their own mission, and do away with the generic version that could be used in any cluster. They have a normal and VA version of B'Tran, so why not do that for all of the clusters? I understand that there are quick ways of gaming the cluster missions, but that's why the smaller dilithium reward and long cooldown seemed appropriate. Again, the devs would know what the appropriate amount and time would be. I was simply going off of 3 missions for normal should maybe be 3 x 160 = 480, and VA should be twice as hard and worth more, so 480 x 2 = 960. If you do both VA and then normal for a given cluster, that comes to 1440 for 6 missions. That seemed reasonable to me.