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11-19-2012, 11:06 AM
I know I have not updated the above postings in a while, lots of recent promotions, however today I'd like to focus on something else a giveaway for making Tier 2.

Original message everyone in my fleet just received.

As I posted in our fleet Star Base Project board, there is a giveway because we made it to Full Tier 2, and when we get to Tier 3 I hope to do the same.

Anyways rules were 10K in Fleet Credit Donations and active in the last monthish (rounded to October 15-November 19). I used a random number generator, assigning the following prizes

Subspace Jump Console - 1
Mirror Ships - 2
DS9 Uniforms - 3

Thankfully I had enough items stocked up so everyone is a winner.

Kinsey - DS9 Uniform
Verdugo - Mirror Ship (PM me for Details)
Eleinana - Subspace Jump Console
Alex - DS9 Uniform
Dys - Mirror Ship (PM me for details)
Vurcka - DS9 Uniform
Ward - Subspace Jump Console
Scott - Mirror Ship (PM me for details)
Prarimello - DS9 Uniform
Capt Javier - DS9 Uniform
Vanessaa - Mirror Ship (PM me for details)

The ships are different so thouse above to PM, please do so you can pick the one you want, first come first serve, last guy gets it mailed automatically, the rest of you your next message should be of your item.

Thanks everyone for making this possible!