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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
Are Deltans, Orions and Dabo Girls representative of Star Trek as a whole? If not, then we shouldn't have something like that on the main page. It doesn't look like Star Trek, and since this is supposed to be Star Trek Online, I'd say we have a problem.
Quoted because this is basically the whole point.
There's all sorts of ladies in Star Trek but we don't have to represent the lot of them with a seductive alien lady. There are so many better examples of women portrayed in Star Trek you could've used, too, like Captain Janeway or Major Kira.

I'd also like to mention that there's a difference between the sexual liberation of women, allowing them to choose what to wear and how to behave, and the sexual objectification of women, insisting that they dress a certain way and not think about what they want in order to please men.
Star Trek has walked this line but I'd like to think that as a whole it's more on the liberated side. Betazoids having naked weddings, for instance, isn't a sexual thing, it's an honesty thing. Just to list a couple more examples: Orion females being skantily clad and sold is a scam, controlled by the Orion ladies themselves, for personal gain, not for the sexual gratification of men. T'pol's catsuit was definitely a ploy to attract males to watch Enterprise, but as the show progressed her character developed so she was never just there for fan service. Same with Seven of Nine. In fact, all the main characters in Star Trek, regardless of their attire, have their own stories and personalities.
Pretty Vulcan Lady, however, exists only to look sexy in her short skirt and low cut top and sell the game with her dreamy gaze. That's part of why she's so objectionable. Handsome Phaser Guy, while also with no purpose but to advertise the game, wore a normal uniform and looked where he shot. I don't think I need to go on at this point because it's just the same list of points again.
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