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11-19-2012, 11:28 AM
This post is for people who pay subscription and lifer.

Firs you should know if I'm gold member is because I love this game and I trust you can make this game better. The second reason we pay a subscription is i don't want have the same limitation than free member and I want enjoy all the features of the game.

But in fact even the little bonus I have, I in the same case that free member ( who not pay subscription) I need to farm dilithium or pay more than what i pay every month. I think is not normal ! Look what do the other game like Lotro, age of conan, and even eve online ( i know is not really a free to play but you can play for free with game cash). In all this game when you pay a subscription you have access to the all game.

I can understand we have to pay a little bit more for cosmetic stuff like costume or have experience more fast, or the lockbox ...

But i don't understand we have the same limitation for stuff and ships. I mean we have to pay like free member of i we want a new ship, or we have to farm or pay for have more dilithium like free member ... that not normal we already pay for this game !!!

i think all the gold member and lifer should they something for they stop to think we are stupid and because they use star trek license and we are big fan they can do what they want. It's a total non respect to the costumer

Now what i ask is simple do something for gold member and lifer because for the moment is no point to spend money in this game.