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11-19-2012, 11:50 AM
Totally agree with your points, I am totally against all these lockbox ships and Lobi store bits requiring unknown amounts of real money, especially after a substantial amount has or is constantly being spent for no tangible recurring benefit.


If I were to look at this from Cryptics point of view they see many lifers who have had accounts since Beta and before and who have long since had value from their subscriptions and have even benefited by paying less than somebody who is still paying monthly. Both on the other hand are counted equal by the feature matrix so the question is if it can be resolved peacefully to the merriment of all?

Maybe it can as the feature matrix does not show recurring tangible benefits beyond the fact that you get 500zen per month and can gain extra bank and inventory slots if you level a toon during THAT month (pretty Meh really). Perhaps then what you are indirectly asking for is to either reduce the rep costs for Gold members or make the highest rep apply account wide for as long as the account remains Gold? Heck even make basic ships available for ec while gold. Dilithium on the hand is not something that will likely be removed as a requirement so any potential solution will have to include it.