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11-19-2012, 12:52 PM
The Vesta class, hereafter referred to as the USS Mary Sue, should not have a hangar on-par with a dedicated Carrier such as the Armitage. It's called the Heavy Escort Carrier for a reason. The Mary Sue does not have Carrier anywhere in it's description.

If it were up to fanboys of the Mary Sue, it would have a B'rels turn rate, a Dreadnaughts hull, 3.5 Shield Mod, 5/5 weapon slots, and have all of its console powers innate with 12 console slots.

So what if its hangar's CD cannot be reduced? Perhaps that was intentional on the first Fed Sci Vessel that can mount DHCs that run on AUX instead of WEAP power and is not a Carrier/Flight Deck ship that has a working combat hangar.

Ever think they did it for Balance? Of course not, it is the USS Mary Sue.

Be happy with the OP piece of hardware you have. I would not have stuck a hangar on it at all.
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