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if you get one of these, you might as well get the temperal set too, it works well to make one of these as min/maxed as possible. also the sci ship, so you can get the Tipler Cylinder. hope you like opening boxes for lobi.

1 chrono DBB, 3 AP DHC, 2 turrets, 1 Temporal Disruption Device

TT1, BO2

EPtA1, RSP1,

TB1, HE2, TSS3


borg deflector
borg engine
maco/khg shield


1 nutronium, 1 EPS

zero point, borg, Tachyokinetic Converter, Tipler Cylinder

4 AP damage consoles


2 damage control doffs, 2 attack pattern doffs, 1 BFI doff

with your 15 turn rate, and your likely inaccurate AP weapons, a tractor beam will be helpful, and your chrono beam and heavy torp will help you slow folks down too, along with the the 3 part bonus from the temporal warfare set. TSS3 with this things 1.05 shield mod should offer absurd escort tanking, along with RSP as well. this isn't a pure escort as much as a ship with escort damage dealing relying on various control tactics to make your enemy easier to hit, without needing to out maneuver them
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