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11-19-2012, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
being one-shot is not:
- fun
- challenging
- interresting
- a chance to show off skill

it's just stoopid. Like it is now, going into a STF with a BoP is just pointless. You'll be one-shot, repeatedly.
I'll take issue with that, since I MAINLY rely on the Bird of Prey (my 'Main' is KDF now, and she's a BoP driver right down to her teeth and toenails).

Hive Onslaught's not EASY by any means, but it's not a faceroll, either, at least, not in a Bird of Prey if you're even half awake and know what you're doing. Ran it the other night in a fleet Norgh. Yah, the one with less hull than a runabout and a craptastic shield modifier.


IF you have a good team. which is just like CSE is/was; a good team with the right set of captains and it's relatively easy to beat, a bad team set up for, say, ISE (the EASIEST of the STF missions) is going to get facerolled by the Unimatrix ships (and that's assumign they get past the cubes and spheres...)

you REALLY can't set up your BoP like some skittleboat fed and expect to come out of it in good shape-which is true of CSE or any other half-decent mission content.

I hate telling a fellow klink these words, but really...learn how to use your ship, the mission content's not THAT hard.