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# 1 Fleet Gear now worth it?
11-19-2012, 01:37 PM
I had started a new science toon just before season 7 and only had a chance to pick up the Borg Gear. I'm flying a science timeship and was curious what y'all thought about the fleet shields and which would be best for my purposes. The Borg shield with its fairly low capacity and 10% bleedthrough leaves me a bit squishy. The Fleet Shields seem the best alternative at the moment, but with dilithium at a premium, I'd like to make the best choice on my first pick.

I don't have STO on this PC so I'm not sure on the exact stats of the Fleet Shields, but between the two that I was looking at, one had very high capacity, low regen, and 10% bleedthrough, the other one had decent capacity (higher than Borg shield), good regen, and 5% bleedthrough / 5% absorption. I'm thinking the latter one may be better for my low-hull sci ship due to the 5% bleedthrough, but I'm just not sure if it's worth the sacrifice of 1,000+ capacity (or w/e the numbers happen to be).

Also, I'm thinking I like the resistance mod for Phasers and Tetryon as opposed to extra regen mod since those seem to be the most prevalent type of weapons in the queues (well, Phasers and Phased Tets that is).

And just in general, how do y'all think the other Fleet gear compares to the Borg set? I'm not even using the Borg deflector atm because it has bonus to graviton and no bonus to particle gen., and since I'm using TBR3, that's the opposite of what I want. And while the engine is nice for sector space, I'm thinking there may be better options for combat.