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11-19-2012, 12:56 PM
Sadly, I recently parted with my old Fleet. They were amazing, don't get me wrong. They are flying though the Tier III upgrades, and I hope they go all the way (I know they will).

The problem for me, not so much a problem, but why I left, is I felt like it was no longer a good fit for me.

My PC struggles with STO sometimes (very outdated graphics chip - yes, I said chip not card). So I do not own a mic, nor do I want to download and run voice chat software. I know this puts me at a disadvantage, as they make STOs and other events much easier. So, if your fleet requires this, you might want to stop reading.

My other issue - again, me not them - was they were going to start requiring all members to do FM missions. I get why they do it, and I would often help. I work, and attempt to have a social life (I know, right?) so I cannot always commit.

Exceptions were made for me (told you they were awesome), but I did not feel it was fair to the others.

What I would like to find is:

1. A high level fleet (What can I say, I like shortcuts), but that is not a deal breaker for me.
2. A role-play fleet. - I love to talk on the fleet channel in character. Makes the grind more entertaining for me.
3. An active fleet. - Not expecting the same people every time I am on, but waiting a week to a month to see someone else from the fleet can get tiresome.
4. A Star Trek related fleet. Sure many people love Star Wars, Drazon Ball Z, even Twilight. For those in similar fleets, hope you enjoy them. They are simply not my cup of tea.

What I do not want:

1. Heavy requirements. If I have to jump though hoops on a regular basis, save us both the time and do not invite me. To clarify, I do not want to have to run X amounts of STOs and FM missions a day or I am fired. I like to donate to projects (got 104k FM saved up - I do buy the bonus to those), and I enjoy chatting. Thing is, I play this game for fun. When I work, I expect to get paid (real money, EC simply does not pay my bills - I know, I have tried).
2. A silly fed - See my earlier want for a Star trek related fed as an example. "The House of Flying Tribbles" - really hope that is not a real fleet, if it is, sorry for being offense - is not my thing.

My character is a Bajoran Female Vice Admiral (yeah, hard rank to get, right? I think they hand those out like decoder rings these days).

Profile below (Copied from the game, so if it formats wonky, sorry):

Full Name: Aaraka Rahne
Species: Bajoran
Rank: General
Accademy: Jayal Tanara's'Bajor
Drawbacks: Dabo Addict.

Aaraka Rahne (Pronounced Rain) was born on Bajor. He father was a member of the Bajoran militia and died in the struggle against the Cardassian occupation. Her mother remarried to a human Starfleet officer, and her younger sister, Rahxie (Pronounced Roxie) was born.

Rahne was always facinated by space travel, and as soon as she and Rahxie were old enough, they joined Starfleet. They were assigned to diffrent ships, but stayed in touch.

Rahxie's ship was captured by the Borg, and Rahne would not rest until she freed her sister. After many successful battles against the Borg, she finally found her on a Borg Cube, and rescued her, and began the long process of "re-humanising" her.

Rahxie was given a post on Rahne's ship under her command, and using what they learned from both the Romulans, and Rahxie's time as a Borg, they now intrigate Borg technology into their ships. Of course dealing with the Borg on a regular basis was not without cost, and Rahxie was given the chance to free Rahne when she too became assimilated.

Rahne hates fighting the Borg, and wishes there was a way to restore them all as was done with Rahxie.

RP Character, but simply not interested in ERP.