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11-19-2012, 12:59 PM
On my VoQuv I use all disruptor beam arrays. You are not really doing yourself any favors using turrets on the back because your subsystem targeting only works with beams. Turrets do small damage and they are not buffed by Beam Overload or Fire At Will.

I would suggest 2 beam arrays rear with a mine launcher and throwing in a good mine Boff power of choice. A line of tricobalt mines can work well controlling the field. Your Brels are good damage, just use flight officer Doff to reduce the cool down so you can keep launching fresh birds every 12 seconds or so. If you go all beam arrays FAW is a better choice over BO. I have used DBB in the past with a Boff layout with HYT and it did pretty well, but beam arrays are easier to keep shooting.
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