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11-19-2012, 02:00 PM
Alright a friend of mine in game, at handle is XXXXXXXX, had his account hacked majorly last night at around 3 am central time in the US. I have submitted a ticked asking for this account locked down and he has done the same, as well as calling PWE to attempt to get this resolved. But, since we all know that this could take months to receive a response, I figured I'd start this both as a warning to players and as a boot for PWE to get it together. If it was a true free-to-play account he wouldn't care and neither would I but this guy has dropped money on that account, that should mean something assuming customer care is still in existence here. Now this can be easily fixed, lock that account until the TRUE owner can confirm his identity and retake control. You guys have a team for this game, it'd take one guy roughly five minutes to do. First glitches, now messed up gameplay, getting kicked from maps, losing items, and NOW hacking... seriously Perfect World? Close the game down for a week and fix it for the love of tribble.

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