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11-19-2012, 01:15 PM
Some simple ideas I have come up with to make Dil more accessable without flooding the market (with an 8k cap i dont know how you really could).

I never understood the 480/1440 number. 480/1440 doesnt go into 8000. Why not make the rewards 500, 1500 ?

Add Dil rewards to more quests. The Romalun invasion daily rewards 480, why doesnt the the other Romulan space daily ? It takes longer than the invasion.

All 4 STF's offer Dil, and now the fleet ques offer Dil, why doesn't the Romulan ques offer Dil ? The one i ran (the new Vault) takes longer than the Pre 7 STF's.

Those ideas would mean i could do things i need to do to progress (fleet/rep) and make some Dil too. And on a day i only have an hour or two i could just que up for whichever PVE mark i needed and make 2-3 k dil. I dont PVP so all my Dil comes from PVE.

Lastly revert the changes to the DOFFs. Theres PLENTY of other Dil holes out there