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11-19-2012, 02:26 PM
Bold = Problems ahead.

Damage Control Engineer (Space): Chance for Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field to proc a hull Heal Over Time.

Let me get this straight, you guys nerfed the borg set for a reason. Too much healing, so now you're going to make a heal that's already on a global cool down have a chance to do MOAR healing?

Matter-Antimatter (Space): Your Emergency Power to Shields ability grants a temporary bonus to crowd control resistance.

Crowd control resistance? Elaborate please.

Maintenance (Space): Emergency Power to Auxiliary increases your Shield Emitters and Hull Repair skills for 30 seconds.

Not that big of a deal, but again you nerfed borg set for a reason. Too much healing in the game as it is. Don't Devs use memo's? You know like, Dev-A sends memo to Dev-B "Btw, I nerfed the borg set" and the other Dev gets back to him and says, "Oh ok, I won't buff more healing then". That way you guys are on the same page?

Quartermaster (Space): Decreases the cooldown of batteries.

It keeps going, and going, and going, and going.. Energizer bunny doff, definitely not going to be a solution to the big bad doff next on this list. Team batteries perhaps?

Systems Engineer (Space): Viral Matrix has a chance to spread to other nearby enemies.

Well I said team batteries being a solution, but we got to pay Lobi for that now don't we? Next to sub nuke doffs, probably not as lethal, but this is definitely the AIDS doff as I'd like to call it. You get it off someone, and you die too. You guys are pricks, just absolute and utter pricks for doing this despite how mad the PvP community is right now.

Sensors (Space): Increases the amount of damage you can deal to a target after jamming their sensors without breaking the jamming.

Yay 1v1 is now dead. Someone running these doffs, +countermeasures, +consoles, lol hidden death. I'd like to see my murderer thank you very much! So this forces the sci team onto your ship, nerfs the 1v1 captain from their transfer shield resistance and, get this, you have to manually distribute your shields while a fully buffed escort is rofl blasting away at you. Imagine Yoda or MT shooting you while you gotta redistribute manually. Congratulations Devs, you have successfully beaten up queue pvp with the aforementioned doffs and all that other stuff in the past. Dueling will now be about whoever has the best jam sensors.

Projectile Officer (Space): Decreases the cooldown of mines.

Moar tric mines please. We need those skilless instant pops. Who cares about energy weapons anymore. Let's just load 8, 7, 6 tric mines on all 3 classes of ships. What the heck is wrong with you people? Seriously, you guys are doing stuff vindictively now. People have come on here complaining about the trics enough times.