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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The VM-AOE ability works as follows:

5% chance to jump to a 2nd target @ White Quality.
20% chance @ Purple Quality.

If the VM jumps to a second target, it then has a subsequent chance to jump to another target, again using the same % chance as the base Doff quality dictates (5, 10, 15 or 20%).

It can, if you get REALLY lucky, jump up to 4 times, affecting anywhere between 2 and 4 targets in total (one per jump).

The VM that is inflicted on any targets other than the first, is always VM I (Rank 1), as if you were using it with a BO that had no points trained into it. These extra jumps are also not improved by the original caster's skill in Subspace Decompiler - they always last only 5 seconds, and can be reduced with skill in Subsystem Repair.

It's an extra effect. It's not intended to be a huge game-changer, just a fun toy.

What's the AoE range for the jumps? 10km?