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11-19-2012, 02:00 PM
ok guys calm down, remember you can only have 5 at once, and these are kinda tame compared to some that are out there now.

if the jumping VM, that will only effect 1 subsytem for 5 seconds, only has a range of 2.5, its only usable if a bunch of targets are stuck in a GW. the other vm doff is 10 times better.

that hull heal over time from AtS sounds cool, but ships that can slot 2 AtS can usually slot 2 AtB, and lets be honest between those 2 choices what is really overpowered. i could see a steamrunner using this doff and using TSS instead of HE. this just opens up additional choices imo, all the HOTs in the world arent gonna save you from the spike that if its gonna kill ya is gonna kill ya

the Aceton Beam doff might finally be a reason to use Aceton Beam, like the vm doff made vm so great. now actual player ships are that much closer to draining energy as well and siphon pods.

the EPtS doff, does that buff your dampeners and sensor skills?

the EPtA doff buffing heals, THAT is awesome, i run EPtA on almost everything with ether damage control or tech doffs. this is proboly worth droping a BFI doff for

the battery doff, thats cool. pun intended. batts have a pretty huge cooldown

the mine doff wont be as useful as the torp doff, unless the global cooldown for launches is removed like it was for torps

i am concerned about the jam doff though. jam is just about the most annoying thing in game, partly because it is usually used by noobs and it just prolongs the inevitable, that they are gunna die. but this doff will just help enable them to be stupid and keep shooting you without drawback. there is also the duel problem, but i think this is solved by saying take off your jam/SNB doffs or i aint accepting your challenge. in an arena though you would have little choice but to evasive spiraling upward, this could be a very overpowered new tactic a spike damaging escorts could exploit

those consultants are gonna be my first permanent ground active roster doffs, very nice
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