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11-19-2012, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
All equipment in this game is OP then, because it aids you in defeating your enemies, be they AI bags of hitpoints, or skilled fellow players. Would you all rather have cookie-cutter ships with pre-assigned abilities and equipment that leave you with no customization or choice?

This community throws around the term "Overpowered" like confetti. Back it up with tests and metrics, and we'll be happy to review for tuning, rather than tossing around hyperbole as if there's no tomorrow.

(Yes, I recognize the irony in the way that statement is phrased.)

It's very possible that you're correct in some of these cases, and we've come out and admitted as much in the past, and tuned the abilities accordingly. But jumping to conclusions and labeling something as "OP" before you even have the facts on its function will do nothing but hurt the credibility of the communal voice of this subforum.
My feeling is that the best use of DOffs is to take something underpowered and make an overpowered DOff to compensate. Or perhaps "overtuned" rather than "overpowered" is more accurate.

I feel that is what, for instance, the melee DOffs do. They take something that even with recent buffs is exceedingly risky and reward it generously.

I'd like to see hand weapons/pistols get a similar treatment and maybe some energy type DOffs. In space, maybe something for transphasics. On the ground, in particular, maybe proc conversion?

So maybe the ability for each DOff to replace an existing proc with a different one?

Or maybe DOffs with a set bonus that mods the energy type of your weapons?

So you could have something like three DOffs that boost pistol damage and other pistol stats and using all three converts all of your pistol attacks to a different energy type?