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Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
Aha, so we're helping setting up a rebellion? Playing one faction agains another in an internal power struggle? Well THAT'S certainly not in violation of the Prime Directive...

IF ONLY!! I can only WISH the story was that good. Besides, is the prime directive actually the correct philosophy to follow? It certainly is portrayed as such in Stat Trek while I remain unconvinced. That said I abhor the way its been mutated into a hands off at all costs quasi religious mantra. No, letting whole sentient species die just because they didn't know to ask for help is NOT OK. Neither is trying to justify it to yourself by pretending that helping them would bring about potentially worse consequences.. unless you are clairvoyant. And if you CAN see the future and choose the least terrible option regardless of the cost in the present then you are STILL having to justify playing God.

Face it kiddies, the Prime Directive as originally intended was good (protecting less advanced civilizations) but what the later shows spout as the "prime directive" is just a crutch to create artificial drama. Seriously if a rule makes you go against your morals and common sense its pretty clear its become an immoral rule. Even a barely coherent caveman can see that, no fancy starships needed if you have a bit of common sense!