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11-19-2012, 03:19 PM
Hmmm all though I like the IDEA behind a mine doff as there is a symmetry there... I have to say I really don't see the point in that one. If you can only have X number out a time anyway so... honestly this is going to be a useless doff.... Even for tric mines. If it has the same 20% chance the torp doffs have you won't be spitting enough of them to reliably proc the doff anyway.

The doff for VM... honestly sounds like junk 2.5k isn't very far to be preying for a 20% chance for a jump... having said that VM is the most popular Sci Skill in PvP... and one of the LEAST popular skills for PvE as most harder PvE enemies seem to have crazy VM resists. So wth. The fact that the System E Doffs... have allowed teams with 2 sci and 2 vms each to be the most annoying thing since 5 man sci rolled perfect sci fleet shields.... makes more VM buffs seem SO targeted at the PvP guys.

The rare particle trace... cool idea would make the PvE kids happy... and NOT SCREW UP PvP why not release an entire pack of those... Crafting boosts / gathering boosts / Driver coil boosts when you use S Slip.

Photonic Studies (Space): Chance for Photonic Shockwave to trigger Photonic Aftershocks on affected targets.
- Have to ask is this doff going to proc from the shockwave torp as well ?

Extra heals 2 weeks after you nerf a bunch of heals.... now if you had come around 2 weeks ago and said Hey here is our DESIGN GOAL over the next 1-2 months of patches... we are moving healing OFF of gear, and pulling in some DOFF based healing... but we are going to try to move that DOFF shield healing around and move it toward hull healing a little more.... Then we would understand what you where doing... right now it looks like you simply don't talk to each other.

IF YOU HAVE A Plan... share enough with the community to not make yourselves look incompetent.

You know things like the aceton I like... There are a bunch of skills that NO one uses in this game cause they suck... why not buff them through doffs. As annoying as VM with doffs is... there is an Opportunity cost and it does make VM a good skill. Not sure why VM needs more doffs though... and have no idea what you guys are thinking with the extra healing again.
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