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Originally Posted by icebluz View Post
Some simple ideas I have come up with to make Dil more accessable without flooding the market (with an 8k cap i dont know how you really could).

I never understood the 480/1440 number. 480/1440 doesnt go into 8000. Why not make the rewards 500, 1500 ?

Add Dil rewards to more quests. The Romalun invasion daily rewards 480, why doesnt the the other Romulan space daily ? It takes longer than the invasion.

All 4 STF's offer Dil, and now the fleet ques offer Dil, why doesn't the Romulan ques offer Dil ? The one i ran (the new Vault) takes longer than the Pre 7 STF's.

Those ideas would mean i could do things i need to do to progress (fleet/rep) and make some Dil too. And on a day i only have an hour or two i could just que up for whichever PVE mark i needed and make 2-3 k dil. I dont PVP so all my Dil comes from PVE.

Lastly revert the changes to the DOFFs. Theres PLENTY of other Dil holes out there
I wasn't sure about the 480/1440 into 8000 either, but when I was thinking up my suggestions, I came to 160 for regular missions because 160 X 3 = 480. So if you did 50 story missions X 160 = 8000. I don't know why 160/480/960/1440 either though. As you noted, multiples of 50/500 would seem to make a little more sense. Again though, I don't know what the thought process was behind the inital design.

I agree on adding dilithium to the dailies and all PvE queue missions. Adding the dilithium to them means you can focus on the missions you want to do and the marks you want to earn rather than whether or not you collect the most important resource or not.