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You're jumping to conclusions and transposing a 20% chance at proc to be a 100% chance. There's an 80% chance the proc won't fire so it's not like everyone's going to be viraled for the entire match. Also, if you want to use the old doff in combo with the new doff, you will have to make a sacrifice of which one to use which lowers your chance of either of them firing off. According to Borticus's post, the duration of viral for these chained virals will be 5 seconds, not 20.

Don't be fooled by percentages. The sub nuke doff boasts a 1% chance to clear all your buffs. So with what you're saying there's a 99% chance it won't. You see something wrong with the picture here? I do, that's why we don't use the doffs and it's frowned on by many in this community. This doff is close, but not as lethal. You'll see.

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That's like saying whoever runs 4 DHC's and 3 turrets rely on them heavily for a reason. Well duh. People tend to rely on the weapons they equip, especially when their boff powers revolve around buffing said weapons. We can get into this discussion about tric mines being OP, but we've already had it, and I'd rather not talk in circles. I'll just say that it's been a long time since I've died to tric mines in my escorts, and I've never died to them on my sci or eng toon. I die to cannon rapid fire with DHC's exponentially more than tric mines with dpb, so I guess DHC's are OP and should be nerfed...because you know, I should never have to die in this game by someone using weapons meant to kill me.
50k tric hit, 100k critical. k no thanks. Any other type of damage is dwarfed next to this joyous weapon. Someone flying around dumping mines everywhere, as opposed to someone struggling to keep their 45 degrees on someone are two different worlds. The mines are obnoxious, and defeat the better player with sudden obnoxious ease.