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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
All equipment in this game is OP then, because it aids you in defeating your enemies, be they AI bags of hitpoints, or skilled fellow players. Would you all rather have cookie-cutter ships with pre-assigned abilities and equipment that leave you with no customization or choice?

This community throws around the term "Overpowered" like confetti. Back it up with tests and metrics, and we'll be happy to review for tuning, rather than tossing around hyperbole as if there's no tomorrow.

(Yes, I recognize the irony in the way that statement is phrased.)

It's very possible that you're correct in some of these cases, and we've come out and admitted as much in the past, and tuned the abilities accordingly. But jumping to conclusions and labeling something as "OP" before you even have the facts on its function will do nothing but hurt the credibility of the communal voice of this subforum.
You are aware of the newest exploit thats been happening in Opvp land? Are we going to get silenced again and wait 1 year for a pvp game breaking bug will be fixed? Or do we have to get it announced and discussed in a podcast again before you guys actually believe us? lol.

I understand that OP is being thrown around the corner a bit too much I totally agree, sometimes its also very relative to the player and it really depends on his own skill often, his attitude, and his possibly small amount of experience with the particular thing being called OP, I do agree on that.

I was considering going back to play this game's PvP but now with this new gamebreaking voldemort exploit I'll relinquish from doing just that. No more money from me!!!! Perhaps its time to really find a new MMO

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