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Originally Posted by liquidraven26 View Post
after spending $160 and not getting a bug ship I am going to pass on this and all others.
Don't gamble. Or at least don't do high risk gambling.

You could have (should have) bought reinforcement packs, sold them on the exchange they were regularly 4.5-5 million each and sometimes a spec more.

50 dollars in zen would then get you 5300 zen points = 19 reinforcement packs = 90 million credits worth (with some zen left, at a rate of 4.7 million per pack). 150 dollars worth would have netted you 270 million credits, which was enough for a bug, + some gear.

The other lockbox ships are basically the same, you're better to buy the most valuable EC/zen item and sell it on the exchange and use the money to buy the thing you want.

The only time you want to actually open lockboxes etc. yourself is if you need lobi for the bind on pickup items or if you have several hundreds of dollars to spend and hope averages do you favours. The lobi thing of course guarantees a certain supply of items as people get stuff they can't use while getting lobi.

You are generally better with a reasonably fixed cost and risk, trying to get one rare item is on average, a bad strategy.