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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The VM-AOE ability works as follows:

5% chance to jump to a 2nd target @ White Quality.
20% chance @ Purple Quality.

If the VM jumps to a second target, it then has a subsequent chance to jump to another target, again using the same % chance as the base Doff quality dictates (5, 10, 15 or 20%).

It can, if you get REALLY lucky, jump up to 4 times, affecting anywhere between 2 and 4 targets in total (one per jump).

The VM that is inflicted on any targets other than the first, is always VM I (Rank 1), as if you were using it with a BO that had no points trained into it. These extra jumps are also not improved by the original caster's skill in Subspace Decompiler - they always last only 5 seconds, and can be reduced with skill in Subsystem Repair.

It's an extra effect. It's not intended to be a huge game-changer, just a fun toy.
How Does this System Engineer synergize with the old System Engineer Proc?

So if you have both types of system engineers, dO the VM jumps trigger the additional shutdowns of the old System Engineers?
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