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# 1 Came back for Season 7...
11-19-2012, 02:35 PM
... after a two month break ... things seem to be very different now strangely ...

... is it unusual to open 14 doff packs and get only three purple items total: one purple doff, and two powered artifacts (which only have a small chance of yielding a purple item ultimately)?

I seem to remember the doff packs being better in the past. I feel like I mainly got whites and greens and then I found out I was spending dilithium to turn those in for upgrades after I'd already swapped half of them. Started dumping them on the exchange to free up space to open the rest of my packs, but a lot of them were selling for extremely low prices, and now I don't get recruitment XP either.

I kind of feel like I spent $40 on... nothing. A purple DOff, just a few blues, and some ECs. Was that just bad luck? Or is this normal? I don't want to spend more USD's on this game if you have to spend hundreds to get anything decent. I already bought a lifetime membership and spent quite a bit on ships, was a beta tester, etc.