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11-19-2012, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by joenatl View Post
I have to agree, there is really nothing for me before Tier 5 that I want/need. So I feel like all those months of STF are gone. And I think more and more people will be going for ISE or KAGE just to get the easy marks and ignore the others.

Also the passive's and not being allowed to respect, or starting the wrong project is a crock. Maybe do a penalty for choosing the wrong project. Or maybe a project to change the trait. It should not be permanent.

Agreed, the big mistake here is the much delayed rewards. Even if the only thing I want is dilithium I'm basically doing missions for dilithium I won't be able to claim until the end of january. (at least not converting marks into dilithium) Which is just nonsense. There's no reason to do any ESTFS other than for the bare minimum needed to unlock the next tiers.

When people start hitting tier 3 it's going to get ugly in pug STFs. Most of us are going to open our crate and just not do ESTF's until we run out of marks unless the loot makes them worthwhile.

The wrong project thing, and permanent passives is just bad design.