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11-19-2012, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
Gold Members should receive these added perks.

16k dilithium refinement per day cap.
Can use Very Rare and Ultra Rare items
Are given higher caps on skill points. Approximately 100,000 more skill points.
2 more slots for Reputation projects
Reputation timers reduced by 10 hours
Z-Store discount of 10%
Unlimited EC storage

Lifetimers should receive the above and also:
8k more dilithium per day refinement cap
2 more slots for Reputation Projects
Reputation timers further reduced by another 10 hours
One free ship of your choice per year, regardless of which ship. Bundles not included.

Just some passing thoughts that I believe are more relevant to S7 and the changes that have been made as of late.
I'm not sure about more skill points and for the ultra rare and ra items it's a good idea, because i don't ask for a difference in game between gold member or lifer and free member, i just say because we pay for this game we will not have to pay for the features like free members