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Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
I was in a mild shock yesterday, after I beamed down to New Romulus and spoke to Valoth...

Now first of all... we are talking about refugees from the Romulan homeworld. Groups of survivors trying to rebuild their lives and society. Starfleet approaches them, offering to help.... Starfleet... their sworn enemy! That they have been taught from the cradle are the most vile and untrustworthy creatures in the universe... Would YOU expect them to accept "help"?

So they refuse. And WHAT does Starfleet do? Against fleeing refugees? Preemptive strikes!!! To stop the Romulan refugees from rebuilding their society like they want!

This is actually making me cringe... I feel sick to my stomach! What RIGHT does Starfleet have to dictate the Romulan society? What gives them the right to used armed force against refugees? This is the most un-starfleet dialogue box I've EVER seen!!! To sum it up, Starfleet is:
- Taking side in an internal conflict.
- Trying to control the development of an alien society.
- Using armed force against civilians and refugees.

And if this wasn't enough...

Questioning your orders is NOT ok??? As long as we follow orders we are not responsible? Really? Starfleet Captains hiding behing a Nuremberg defense? This makes me sick!

We KNOW from Star Trek that this principle applies. We have seen Starfleet Captains reject direct orders from superior officers on many occations, based on their belief that the order given was unethical or unlawful. It's not only a choise, it's the obligaion of all Starfleet personel!

But in STO, I'm expected to not only accept this atrocity, but also to aid in it's execution!

Picard...would not...approve...
Hey, if you want a TNG example, Captain Edward Jellico would have no issue with such orders, and would in fact probably be tghe one picked to carry them out were they given 30 years or so earlier. I don't think James T. Kirk would have an issue either.

Not every Star Fleet captain (or Admiral for that matter as Picard got chewed out for his handling of the events in the TNG episode I Borg by an Admiral in a later episode (so that was on screen); is like Jean Luc Picard. Some will actually fight once in a while BEFORE their ship shieldds drop; and they've taken damage or casualties (rewatch TNG and see how often that happens before Picard returns fire.) Personally, I would hate to be a poor crewman (of any rank) serving under Picard as I stand a good chance of being a casualty.

Just saying.
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