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Yep - and the amazing thing was - about 24 hours to the end of the crowdfunding campaign the total was at about 4 million; so they received 2.2 million more in the space of about 24 hours at the end. (Just hope the site comes up quick as I hadn't read all the unlocked system updates.)

But, yes, this is the Wing Commander/Privateer style MMO (yes, I know, they're not calling it an MMO per se as it it very non-traditional in progression design, but with persistent universe public servers that store your character, etc; it's MMO enough) I thought I'd never see after EA bought out and gutted Origin and Mico$oft bought out Digital Anvil.)

It's gonna be a long 2 1/2 year wait to get to the persistent universe beta (although from all reports we should have a multiplayer Alpha to be a part of in a year or so.)

Still, as a longtime space sim fan; it's nice to be able to prove the big publishers wrong and show there indeed is A LOT of gamer support for this type of non-console PC game (with a massively-multiplayer component.)
Unfortunate part for me is that I'm definitely going to have to buy a new machine before it comes out........or maybe that's not such a bad thing, lol .

But yeah, after Roberts sold Digital Anvil and decided to take a break from game design.....there really wasn't anything that could compare to Wing Commander or Privateer in terms of a true Space Sim. EVE Online gave the scale but not the gameplay, and Freelancer had potential, but it always felt like it fell short.

Hopefully this will be everything that they've (and we have for that matter) been hoping to see for over a decade now.

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