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11-19-2012, 03:12 PM
I noticed this the moment I jumped into a ground STF with my Sci captain that's geared for shield drain. Before Season 7, I could completely destroy a Borg Drone's shields, and deal some decent damage to a stronger Borg's shields. Now, Tachyon Harmonic does NOTHING, but a wee scratch. I feel useless now, to the point where I switched my kit for the Medic Kit, and instead focus on being a healbot.

Why this change? It takes forever to take down a Borg's shields, and Tachyon Harmonic pretty much only worked on the Borg Drones you find anywhere, since shield damage to Tactical Drones is pretty much the same. Now, all 5 players usually gang up on a puny Borg Drone to we can disable it's shield and take it down, and the fights take forever. This is sad for us shield drain-based players, since our role is now nonexistant.