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Originally Posted by hortwort View Post
Let's say 100,000 buy the game when it's new. They like it. They play it. They tell their friends.

Over the next 6 months, 1,000,000 more people buy the game.

Over the 6 months after that, 3,000,000 more people buy the game.

Over the 6 months after that....

You don't have to milk the same customers over and over if your game is good enough to attract new customers. I find it really amusing to have to type it out, too.
That is not going to happen.

Flight Sims, along with many sims genders are a niche, even at the height of its popularity Wing Commander did not had 3 million sales and honestly things are going to depend a lot of what actually is delivered ... sorry but I dont believe for a second this will deliver everything you can ever hope in a flight sim, also a lot of people will play it for the single player and leave it at that that brings me to the question of PvP.

If this becomes EVE II then we already have EVE and this will fail, I do not want to play "EVE with Joystick" and this is why I been on the sideline waiting to see were it goes and EVE certainly does not have 3 million players, worst is the PvPers trying to push the same model that is used in EVE (open, no op-out, no consequences to engage on it) that is not going to sit well with many players were their idea of fun is losing 2-3 weeks of play because someone was bored and decided to be a prick.

As long I get my Privateer II, I will buy it but I am not buying EVE with a Joystick.