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Originally Posted by outlaw51825 View Post
The problem is, Dilithum=Zen. And now Zen=Dilithium.

The upper level costs of Starbase projects puts a premium on dilithium. Now it's needed for fleet credits, its needed for zen, its needed for pure CONSTRUCTION both embassy and starbase.

That 8k cap throttles how fast you can get dilithium. You use the cap because while it was work it wasnt all that bad to cap before. If you do as you suggest you then must suggest dilithium isnt worth what the game suggests it is OR what the devs SAY it is. The fact that they suggested it should basically take 2nd job type of hours to cap out says all i need to hear about how they feel about the people playing this game. And how i should feel about them. I've done this dance in other games it never ends well. Those games survived. Though Funcom is being sold off. Your 2k Dilithium in 1-2 hours of play? That's what the devs want.
It's interesting the value people put on grinding and getting as much in-game currency by any means they can. Well, I guess people play these games for their own reasons, but I don't play it for the grind, or to max out my dilithium every day. That isn't the goal for me.

And I think I have much more fun and get much more enjoyment out of the game thanks to that.

Perhaps the problem isn't the dance, but that you want to dance in the first place?

Just a thought.