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You might like the Phoenix Division. Fleet Leader is One of Twelve a liberated Borg female. Although we do not do a great deal of RP, we do sometimes. In fact we are writing a Star Trek story currently with three authors. We don't know exactly were the story is going to take us. Check it out here:

We are not a large fleet, but we do not require your mandatory giving. We do have various contests for fun and profit (I'm a Ferengi) like costume contests or ugliest character, and even making one of your costumes look like a superhero/cartoon character.

We are almost a full T3 Star Base, lacking only a little in Eng and Sci.

If you are interested in giving us a gander, contact either myself Rig@Spomek (Senior Officer), or One@daBelgrave (Fleet Leader). We are online every day and base our timing on Eastern Standard Time. I am in Mountain Time.

I think we might be most of what you are looking for.

Vice Admiral Rig
U.S.S. Moogie's Revenge
The Phoenix Division