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Oooo... there is a build that can survive this! Then it can't be anything wrong? Since the torps are invisible, you'd need 100% up-time on AtoD, and even with 2 copies of HE, 15 seconds is plenty to burn through your entire hull with DoTs. And getting a HE from a friend? then he burns up in your place, as those un-buffed torps are going at almost FAW-like distribution.

Anyway, HE is besides the point, as the torp itself has enough punch to one-pop you. And if you survive the first, the next 2-3 may only be seconds behind. Even if you're not the target.
Well personally I never get totally one-shotted even when I'm not cycling resists, and I run some pretty squishy ships. Once in a blue moon I'll pop because of a freak crit, or because the torp was "invisible". It's never common enough to have any substantial impact on the result of the run itself, though.

There are so many different ways to approach and counter the NPCs dude, I refuse to believe that you've tried all of them.

vids and guides and stuff

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