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Normally I'd agree that a fight at the Unimatrix should be tough. But even the Spheres are now throwing out 30k to 40k Invisitorps too. That somehow they get half their damage thru my shields too. Its not a matter of difficulty, its now a matter of getting lucky and/or zerging. I hear at later stages certain debuff and CC removal abilities are a must? Kinda limits it puggability. Encounters with positioning and timing are more pug friendly while still allowing all types of builds to work and best of all, they don't rely on big hits of doom to elevate "difficulty". I realize if it was a premade of competent players it'd be much easier to do, but pugs should be able to do it as well.
So find some friends or start a "Hive" channel or something! This is an MMO after all, although I know that's easy to forget sometimes...

vids and guides and stuff

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