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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
The new ROmulus colony is warp capable and has officially asked for help. The Prime Directive does not apply.
Well there is actually TWO faces of the Prime Directive. The first is from the TOS series. Non-interference with pre-warp civilization. To allow them to develop on their own natrual course.

The second face of the Prime Directive came into it's own with Star Trek:TNG. It's is more political in nature. It was hinted at in The Original Series but not fully explored. The Federation doesn't want a Starfleet Captain to drag the into a potential conflict like a civil war. That decision has to come from Starfleet Command and the Federation Council.

The Prime Directive (Political) definitely does apply to New Romulus. But the decision to intervene was made by the Federation Council and Starfleet Command not by a local Starfleet Captain on the scene.

Starfleet Captains do have the autonomy to a decision to potentially violating the Prime Directive. But the examples we've seen has been when life and limb have been in danger. In the Oringal SEries episode "A Taste of Armegeddon", Ambassador Robert Fox order the Enterprise into Eminiar system after being warned off. The Enterprise was destroyed in the computer war between Eminiar and their colony Vendikar. Kirk intervened in the war in order to save the life the Ambassador, the Enterprise and it's crew. And in TNG episode "Justice" with Wesly being sentenced to die for stepping on the flowers. Picard struggling over his decision to violate the Prime Directive.